Who is Elli Kozak?

I might not be able to answer that question, but I can tell you this:

Elli plays piano WELL


...like ARCT Diploma with First Class Honours of Distinction from the Royal Conservatory of Music well. In fact, Elli plays classical music so well that he decided he needed a challenge and learned to play in genres such as RnB, jazz, rock, ragtime, and synthesizer-y stuff.

THEN, Elli decided the whole "performing music" thing was too easy, so he went out and got a degree in Audio Production and has been able to record numerous ensembles (from acappella to jazz-fusion groups) and is an award-winning film composer.

Now, Elli wants YOU (or your child, parent, grandparent, cat) to play piano as well as him, and even better! So sign up for lessons from Elli if you want to beat him in a good old-fashioned piano duel.